Magic Sing Karaoke System

Magic Sing ET23KH 


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Magic Sing Karaoke

Magic Sing Karaoke Machine is a great way to bond with friends and family members during the week days or the weekend to have fun. The great aspect of magic sing is the products are very easy to install and use. From start to finish the complete setup process should take 5 minutes max. Magic Sing Karaoke system comes in different models (wow magic sing, xtreme magic sing etc :

  • Magic Sing ET13K
  • Magic Sing ET15K
  • Magic Sing ET19KV
  • Magic Sing ET23KH
  • Magic Sing ET25K HD

Magic sing system is one the best karaoke machine and very easy to use. With thousands of built in songs to select from magic sing karaoke – the singing machine will keep you entertained over long period of time. All the built in songs are properly organized for easy access using magic mic. With Magic Sing Karaoke on screen TV display, you have access to new and classic songs to show your talent and entertain your audience for any occasion or event.

Magic sing portable karaoke machine gives you access to more song choices using magic sing song chips. The chips comes in different languages to sing magic:

  • Magic Sing Karaoke Spanish
  • Magic Sing Karaoke Philippines
  • Magic Sing Karaoke India
  • Magic Sing Karaoke English
  • And many more

Magicsing portable microphone or magic mic karaoke makes it easy for you to move around as you entertain your audience. This truly gives you the ability to sing your own national songs of choice using magic sing. You can also use magic sing as kids karaoke machine.

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 Magic Sing ET23KH 

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Magic Sing ET23KH


Product Description 

EnterTech MagicSing ET-23KH HD Karaoke System is outfitted with HDMI port and USB port on the main panel that enables you to connect to either your PC or High Definition TV. Picture and sound quality is excellent, You Sing Karaoke in HD. You can personalize the background of video and pictures. Its very easy to setup and use. It comes with 2,000 songs built-in ready to use. The main control planel also has additional slot to insert more music chips. The EnterTech MagicSing ET-23KH HD Karaoke System allow you to sing solo’s or duets for hours.


 Benefits Of Magic Sing ET23KH Karaoke System

The Magic karaoke machine is very easy to set up – no technical experience required. The mics and remote take batteries so this system is ready go as soon as you take it out of the box.

  • High Definition (HD) Picture & Video Background, HD Movie and Music Playback
  • 2 Digital Wireless high quality microphone with Controls
  • 2,100 Built-in English Songs with Hi-fidelity Sound Quality
  • Personalized Video and Picture Background
  • Song Recording/Music Note Display
  • This is the easiest ever to set up!
  • Plug it in and it’s ready to be use
  • Great background music and video
  • Very portable to carry around to friend
  • You have the ability o add more songs

Technical Details

  • HDMI / SD TV selection switch.
  • Echo, Key, Tempo Control
  • Recording
  • USB Connection
  • Display Duplicate Song Numbers


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Magic Sing Karoake


Karaoke machine is an excellent music entertainment system for the entire family. Click here to get 10 % now


 Magic Sing ET23KH

Magic Sing ET25K All-in-One Digital Portable Karaoke Mic, English Edition

Package includes: main wired karaoke microphone, AC adapter (SMPS), user manual and song list with binder, USB install CD and USB cable and leather carrying case.  Click here to get 10 % now

Magic Sing ET25K 1 Magic Sing ET25K


  • Magic Sing ET25K All in One Portable Digital Home Karaoke Microphone with 1,945 English songs.
  • This karaoke microphone is perfect for any skill level and is built with rich sound quality and high performance.
  • You can select and enjoy singing your favorite collections of songs whenever and wherever you desire.
  • Bring the party with you wherever you go.


Magic Sing ET25K Karaoke machine is an excellent music entertainment system for the entire family.

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WOW Magic Mic Enter-Tech – Magic Sing Karaoke – T7 Morceau

WOW Magic Mic Enter-Tech - Magic Sing Karaoke

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Magic Sing ET23KH 




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